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The Many Uses for Microlon Worldwide

  • Surface Vehicles of all Types

    The engine, transmission, differential, wheel bearing, power steering, chassis and any parts where metal to metal needs lubrication or where corrosion protection is required Microlon treatment will lubricate and protect.

    Microlon can be used on parts either during or after assembly where a method of getting Microlon to the bearing surface is available.

    On heavy equipment, accessories can be made to operate more economically with lower maintenance and last longer by the application of the proper Microlon treatent.

  • Accumulators
  • Hydraulic Pistons/cylinders
  • Roller Assemblies
  • Conveyor Chains
  • Pumps (pressure/vacuum, hydraulic, air)
  • Gear Boxes/Transfer cases
  • Turbines

  • Work Boats

    There is documented use of Microlon treatments to boats in excess of 600 ton and engines in excess of 700 HP. These show fuel savings of $25,000.00 in a year of opeation and considerable improvement of operation. When opened for inspecion after a year the engines required no replacement parts and showed minimal wear.

  • Aircraft

    When Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager set or broke 9 world records including flying around the world without refueling, Microlon was there.

  • Small 2 and 4 Cycle Engines

    Used to improve performance and extend engine life. Used in model airplane engines with excellent results.

  • Machining

    Reduce heat on cutting tools increasing the life of cutters using Microlon. This allows a larger quantity of parts to be produced without down time for sharpening cutters or repositioning tools to compensate for wear. The Microlon treated tool produces a better finish.

  • Natural Gas Wells

    Microlon extends the life of glycol energy pump 25 times normal life.

  • Molding

    Stainless steel molds used to produce rubber handlebar parts were treated with Microlon. The treated molds produced a smoother part. The treated molds have been in production for 55,000 heats without cleaning. The untreated molds only last 600-800 heats.

  • Skis

    When applied to the base of fiberglass skis the Microlon treatment is superior to ski wax. In all conditions Microlon exhibited lower friction and greater performance. Microlon prevents "build-up" of snow on the ski base in dry, sub-zero conditions.

  • Photocopier Equipment

    Treatment to moving parts extend life an additional 50% to 100%.

  • Precision Oiler Expands Treatment Options

    The Microlon Precision Oiler is not intended to be used anywhere there is combustion. It is intended to be used in fishing reels, on bearings, on threaded parts, on chainsaw and bicycle chains, on the bearing surfaces of aluminum window frames and more. The Microlon Precision Oiler is great for the chain, rollers, tracks and hinges on garage doors. The oil is compatible with the tennifer process used to lubricate the slides on Glocks. Without the cleaning complex, the Microlon Precision Oiler will leave behind a little light weight oil so be sure to wipe away the excess oil to keep from attracting dust and grit. The injector tip makes this oiler ideal for getting into hard to reach places.

    The Microlon Precision Oiler is inexpensive, portable and easy to use.

Prices and Ordering

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Microlon was awarded the "Medaille De Vermeil" at the "Salon Internationale des Techniques et des Idees Nouvelles" in Geneva, Switzerland, This prestigious award representing a first in its class for new product innovation, was presented to Microlon in Geneva in 1978. This is only the 7th time in 100 years the award was made.