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"Hundreds of wins, dozens of championships, and many world records. Microlon is a metal treatment, not an additive. There are many 'snakeoils' out there and most are an absolute waste of money and sometimes harmful to engine components, as well as your check book. Microlon is used in formula cars and many successful race cars and motorcycles. Teams utilize Microlon in their tow vehicals, and in their own personal equipment.

The bottom line is improvement in cooling, mileage, power, reliability, and longevity in your vehicles. These include off-road, road-racing, land speed, drag-racing and street applications. I am not saying it doubles power, but it DOES help, and that alone IS WORTH IT!

We have literally hundreds of top performers, winners, and champions around the world using Microlon. They work hard for their money and Microlon helps them earn it and save it. It is a part of their success and fame. Microlon is in our tool box and a secret for success to many teams. This stuff really works!"
Dan Paramore, DPR Racing

"You can not beleive the stress that 3-5 minute wide open throttle puts on the engine during land-speed record runs at Bonnivile. Microlon helps us stay together." - DPR Racing, Worlds fastest Honda Civic 204+ MPH.

"Microlon supplied Metal Treatment for the engine, fuel system, and transmission were added and she finally came to life." - SSC Racing, World's Quickest Honda Civic On Gas 8.87 @ 168.58 MPH

"I have to send a big thanks out to Microlon products. Last years engine is still in the car with the same microlon treatment, and it hasn't lost a step. Thanks to Microlon, we are on the road again to take the championchip again."
Ryan Cie Chanski, Fastest SSC Honda Civic In The Central Division.

"Three wins, one third, and one fifth in the first month. Thank you Microlon!" Rob May

"I have many championships on my resume. Microlon not only keeps me at the front of the pack, it also adds to my reliablility and victories." Chris Stiffler

"As a Professional racer, it is part of my job to assure we have every availability advantage to get us into victory lane. Microlon delivers a valued advantage. Put some Microlon Race formula in and you will be a believer!"
Lawrance Lowshack, Multiple Champion & Multiple Track Record Holder.

"We are in the winners circle with Microlon" Dawie, Worlds Fastest In Africa

"I have successfully running Microlon for 5 years. It reduces temperature, extends life, and takes a little bit off my laptimes."
Todd Strong, 3 time FF Champion

"Five to seven miles of full throttle at Bonneville Salt Flats destroys dozens and dozens of engines per year. Survival is very difficult. We race with no backup engines. We survive. We break records. We thank you Microlon."
Progress Team

"Don't laugh, but my Accord runs low 11s with nitrous and a stock bottom end. We have won more races and money than just about any one around here. Thanks Microlon!"
Tim, Ultracare

"As featured in Street Performance Magazine Nov. 2004, our little Mini Cooper picked up 3 1/2hp in an independent dyno test. The dyno tech couldn't believe that Microlon would give that much performance. We are a believer and so is he." Dan Pilo, Pilo Racing

"Up here we reach 20 below zero, but our engine gets very hot. Proper lubrication is a challenge. Microlon meets that challenge."
Mike Moser

"The most powerful in its class. Thanks to the friction fighter Microlon in my engine and chain." Mr. Lesher, Lesher Racing

"ASR Motorsports has started using Microlon now, and let my say, Microlon is incredible . Building 50 to 450 cc racing motors, we are always looking for ways to reduce friction. There was a measurable increase in horse power after using Microlon. Our 50 cc motors dyno at 14hp after assembling with Micronlon. We gained 1.4 HP! That is incredible considering the small displacement." Andy Stix, ASR Motorsports

"We competed in not 1 but 5 off-road championships in the same year. Microlon helped us gain from 3rd to 1st place in each title. Cooler temperatures, more power, and reliablility." Lesher Racing

"I wanted to thank Microlon for another winning race season for the dirt racing team. I attribute much of our success to Microlon's Industrial Liquid Engine Treatment. We didn't see any appreciable signs of wear on the crank, rod bearings, cylinder walls or piston. That's pretty incredible considering the harsh and extreme racing conditions in the deserts of Southern California. We've also noticed improved oil and water temps, reduced oil consumption, and perfect compression tests. You can be assured we will rely on Microlon to get us to the winner's circle once again." Steve Ruddick

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Microlon was awarded the "Medaille De Vermeil" at the "Salon Internationale des Techniques et des Idees Nouvelles" in Geneva, Switzerland, This prestigious award representing a first in its class for new product innovation, was presented to Microlon in Geneva in 1978. This is only the 7th time in 100 years the award was made.