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CL-100 is used in Aircraft, Racing and High performance engines
MIL is used for all other applications

Auto kit includes treatment for engine, power assisted steering, transmission, differential, wheel bearings, chasis lube and transfer case as applicable for model and year of the car or truck.

CL-100 Auto Formulas
4 cylinder, 6-8 cylinder, Big Block, Rear wheel drive, Front wheel drive, 4X4, Engine only
MIL auto kits, Diesel Engines and Miscellaneous auto formulas
4 cylinder, 6-8 cylinder, Big Block, Rear wheel drive, Front wheel drive, 4X4, Engine only, Diesel Engines, auto transmission treatment, power steering, racing formula, wheel bearing, heavy duty, chassis, high temperature.
CL-100 and MIL Motorcycle Kits
Industrial Applications
2 stroke CL100 and MIL
CL-100 and MIL Industrial liquid
Compound 90

Other Uses
CL100 and MIL outboard
Personal watercraft
Precision Oiler

John F. Staudt
JEF Distributors
145 Paseo De Las Delicias
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Microlon was awarded the "Medaille De Vermeil" at the "Salon Internationale des Techniques et des Idees Nouvelles" in Geneva, Switzerland, This prestigious award representing a first in its class for new product innovation, was presented to Microlon in Geneva in 1978. This is only the 7th time in 100 years the award was made.